Mark Bryant Rinkel
Front End Developer & Designer
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I created to provide League of Legends players with feedback about their individual performance in each game, and a clearer path to improvement. Since its launch last year, has had over 3 million hits.

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Triumph 2.0

I wanted to build on the success of the first iteration of the site. Triumph 2.0 strives to provide actionable feedback to the player about what their strengths and weaknesses are.

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I'm currently developing, a live updating scoreboard for Magic the Gathering. The scoreboard is visible to everyone from the game’s URL so players don't have to constantly ask the scorekeeper for their life total


I'm Mark Bryant Rinkel, a front end developer and designer in Southern California with a degree in Biology. The plan was to get a PhD in Bioinformatics (the data science of biology), but my freelance and hobby projects, that paid my tuition, became my true passion.